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Our Services

At HR Analytical Services, we provide a full range of affirmative action consulting services to companies that receive money directly or indirectly from the federal government. We assist companies by preparing complete affirmative action plans on their behalf, by creating the specialized statistical reports that they need, and by alerting them to issues that may arise during the course of a federal review of their affirmative action practices.

Unique Services

Our services are unique when compared to other providers of affirmative action services.

  • We have a proven track record of success in helping our customers navigate successfully through affirmative action reviews by the federal government.
  • We will partner with you to make your life easier. We will work with you to make the data collection process as easy as possible. We don't force you to provide information in our formats; we take what you can provide and put it into a format that works for you and the government.
  • Our customers are encouraged to communicate with us after work is complete so that they receive the after-project support that is so critical to the implementation of an AAP. We don't charge for this after-project support because we want you to stay in touch with us and get the help you need.

When we prepare an AAP, we provide you with everything you need.

  • We prepare all statistical reports for the AAP. We take data that a company provides and prepare all the statistical reports that are required by the federal government's affirmative action regulations.
  • We prepare all narrative reports for the AAP. We prepare the various narratives that examine a company's personnel policies and activities. These narratives do not consist of "boilerplate" language. Instead, they refer to a company's particular circumstances.
  • We work closely with companies to make sure they understand all parts of the AAP and their responsibilities in implementing the AAP. We work with HR staff and other managers to make sure they know the actions they need to take.

For Your Company

HR Analytical Services can assist your company with its affirmative action needs in a number of different ways.

  • HR Analytical Services can write complete affirmative action plans for your company. These plans will include all the statistical and narrative reports required by the federal regulations. We'll point you to the most important sections of the AAP and tell you about the most critical issues that you need to recognize.
  • HR Analytical Services can provide portions of an AAP on your behalf. Do you need someone to prepare just the statistical reports? Are your statistics ready, but you don't know what to do about the narrative? Do you need someone to conduct specialized statistical testing on your data to insure that you're in compliance? We'll work with you to get you just what you want and need.
  • HR Analytical Services can prepare your company for reviews by the OFCCP. We can isolate issues that are likely to be the focus of any OFCCP review. We can also help your company deal with specific issues as it goes through an OFCCP review.

Adding Value

HR Analytical Services can add value to your company by freeing up your time to deal with more pressing issues. You're no longer absorbed in the lengthy process of preparing reports that ultimately just sit on a shelf. We prepare these reports and then tell you about the most important results we've discovered.

Your company gets a complete, accurate, personalized document without devoting hundreds of hours of staff time to creating and checking statistical and narrative reports.

Preparing your own affirmative action plan may seem to be a money-saving approach. However, consider this: the federal government estimates that an average company will spend approximately 100 hours to develop and implement one affirmative action plan. Now consider the training, software, and other resources that go into this kind of project as well. We can save you money by preparing affirmative action plans at a fraction of that internal cost.

Track Record

At HR Analytical Services, we have been through hundreds of affirmative action reviews by the federal government. Companies that use our affirmative action services regularly receive a clean bill of health from the federal government. This has been the case in Wisconsin. In Pennsylvania. In Illinois. In California. In Georgia. In Nebraska. In Florida. In New York. In Colorado. In other states throughout the nation.

What kind of results are we talking about? Here's how our clients fared in the last few years:

  • 2015 - Back pay awards: zero. Major new initiatives growing out of an OFCCP review: none.
  • 2014 - Back pay awards: zero. Major new initiatives growing out of an OFCCP review: none.
  • 2003 - Back pay awards: zero. Major new initiatives growing out of an OFCCP review: none.
  • 2012 - Back pay awards: zero. Major new initiatives growing out of an OFCCP review: none.
  • 2011 - Back pay awards: zero. Major new initiatives growing out of an OFCCP review: none.
  • 2010 - Back pay awards: zero. Major new initiatives growing out of an OFCCP review: none.

You can see the pattern here. We could keep going, but the results remain the same. Our clients have successful reviews.

This has been true even during all the chaos that has been going on since 2013. While lots of companies are getting conciliation agreements after OFCCP compliance reviews in the last few years, our clients have been getting letters saying they are in full compliance!

Can we guarantee your results? No. Your results are based on the actions your company has taken to follow the federal affirmative action laws and regulations. But we CAN guarantee that you'll get the kind of AAP that has won praise from clients and OFCCP compliance officers around the nation. And we can guarantee that you'll get the kind of attention and support that has brought success to our clients around the nation.

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