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Knowledge. Quality. Success.

Knowledge. Affirmative action is a complicated area that requires a great deal of knowledge. Regulations. Statistics. Trends. Do you have the time to think about affirmative action when you have important things like recruitment and compensation to handle? At HR Analytical Services, we're experts in affirmative action. We know the regulations. We understand the statistics. We follow the trends. We're ready to put our knowledge to work for you.

Quality. We know that you want a high level of quality in everything you get, whether it's a new piece of machinery or a new affirmative action plan. That's a hallmark of our service. At HR Analytical Services, the work we do for you is the highest quality work you could possibly receive. We make sure the work we provide really reflects who you are and totally meets your needs.

Success. All the expertise and quality in the world will not matter if they don't bring you what you want. And what do you want? Success. You want success during reviews with the federal government. You want success during meetings when you go to your boss to explain what's happening. At HR Analytical Services, our clients consistently achieve the best possible results during affirmative action reviews. They fully understand what's important to do to meet their affirmative action obligations. And they get these services at a cost they can afford.

Knowledge + Quality = Success

Want to know more about our services? About affirmative action and the OFCCP? About what you should do with all that applicant data you've been collecting? This is the right place to start. Or, if you're ready for success, contact us. We're ready to help.

Our Company's History and Focus

HR Analytical Services is a consulting company based in Hales Corners, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee. The company was founded in 1993 to help companies that need to meet the federal government's affirmative action requirements. HR Analytical Services has been a leader in helping companies deal with the complex issues surrounding compliance with the federal affirmative action regulations.

Since 1993, HR Analytical Services has provided thousands of affirmative action plans to companies throughout the United States. We have guided companies through hundreds of successful affirmative action reviews by the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. We partner with our clients to provide them with what they need and want in the affirmative action area.

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